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FAMAG 38mm Bormax 2.0 Metric Forstner Bit Long Version, 1623038

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FAMAG 38mm Bormax 2.0 Metric Forstner Bit Long Version, 1623038

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FAMAG Bormax 2.0 Metric Forstner Bit Long Version

Bormax 2.0 Centre point with cutting character. Two in reverse order staggered, grooved main cutting edges, a circumferential cutting edge with longitudinal grooves - both effecting that a clear less feed force is necessary. Also they minimize the friction and the growth of heat. Hexagonal shank for a better power transfer. Rapid drilling in soft wood, European hard wood, chipboard, MDF etc. Rapid chipping of solid wood and chipboards. Clearly less effort is needed and boring is faster than with the usual Forstner bit. Top for freehand drilling and stationary use. The low heat development offers an incredibly long service life with highest drilling quality. In combination with extension shanks product line 1639 perfectly suitable for drilling deep holes. For bigger diameters we recommend product line 1614 Bormax® 2.0 WS prima, long version. Alloyed tool steel. 900 - 3200 rpm. e.g. Ø 30 mm 1750 rpm in soft wood.

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